Original Content T‑shirt

PB-OC-Shirt-White-Small $29.95


Original Content is inspired by the legend, the leader of the nine-year-old army, the bro amongst all bros, Felix 'Pewdiepie' Kjellberg. Not only the king among kings of online content, but a true meme master. The inspiration for Original Content comes from a fan photo of Felix grocery shopping as a mere mortal. Was it really Pewdiepie or was it just Felix? Maybe it was even a rare Poppy Gloria sighting. Either way, there's no denying the influence of the greatest YouTube influencer to ever YouTube. If you hate you haven't seen him. The much maligned YouTuber is much more than a living meme or the easiest person to scare on the internet. A true pioneer, Pewdiepie has managed to make books reviews cool, raise insane amount of money for charity and shown millions of young people that the best thing you can do in life is to be yourself. What other way to honor the man other than a Panic Brand classic!

Never again forget why you went to the store. Leave your iPhone at home and hit the shops in this super comfortable tee. You want original content? That's all we got!

  • Composition : 60% ringspun cotton | 40% polyester
  • Cut : fashion fit (please see sizing guide)
  • Shirt Color : white
  • Print : screen printed with black water based
  • Printed in USA
In layman's terms

This shirt is soft and so is the print. How soft? We wouldn't be surprised if you replaced all the pillowcases in your home with our shirts. And as for the fit, well the idea is that if we can make you look good, ours is the only shirt you'll want to wear. It's slim in the torso, but not too fitted. The sleeves are slim as well. So whether you spend 3 hours a day in the gym or 3 minutes, you're still going to look amazing in this shirt.