Lush T‑shirt

PB-Lushi-Shirt-Black-Small $29.95


Lushis is a celebration of not only natural beauty, but is also a tribute to all of the young people that have pioneered self expression and art through cosmetics. The rise of 'beauty' content online is empowering to those that are now able to earn a living by following their passion. Beauty content is allowing millions of young people to share their inner-selves through fashion and make-up. Tutorials are not only a way for people to learn from more experienced artists, but it is also a way to share and collaborate on a worldwide scale. Lushis recognizes the hard work and passion that goes into this content and admires the determination of this new generation to not sit back and let life happen to them.

We know you're luscious! Your friends know you're luscious! But it's 2019, the year of stating the obvious. Reaffirm what everyone already knows in this luscious tee - you're the baddest B on the block.

  • Composition : 60% ringspun cotton | 40% polyester
  • Cut : fashion fit (please see sizing guide)
  • Shirt Color : black
  • Print : screen printed with base white acrylic and rose acrylic
  • Printed in USA
In layman's terms

This shirt is soft and so is the print. How soft? We wouldn't be surprised if you replaced all the pillowcases in your home with our shirts. And as for the fit, well the idea is that if we can make you look good, ours is the only shirt you'll want to wear. It's slim in the torso, but not too fitted. The sleeves are slim as well. So whether you spend 3 hours a day in the gym or 3 minutes, you're still going to look amazing in this shirt.