Dumby T‑shirt

PB-Dumby-Shirt-Black-Small $29.95


Dumby is inspired by both the classic Disney cartoon Dumbo and the plight of elephants worldwide. If we do not look after the earth and its inhabitants, we are not only short-sighted but also dumb. Although there is currently a broader awareness of the ruthless poaching of elephants, it is imperative that more is done to help these highly intelligent creatures. Not only are they poached for such ridiculous reasons as impotence cures and for the carving of religious objects, but many elephants worldwide are abused for the purpose of giving tourists a "once-in-a-lifetime" elephant ride. In addition, as an illustrator its impossible to deny the worldwide influence of Disney animators across the board and Dumby is an homage to the talents and creativity of those artists.

Show off your love of animals or let everyone think you've just returned from backpacking in Thailand. Either way, you're sure to attract the right sort of attention with this soft and streetwise pachyderm.

  • Composition : 60% ringspun cotton | 40% polyester
  • Cut : fashion fit (please see sizing guide)
  • Shirt Color : black
  • Print : screen printed with white acrylic
  • Printed in USA
In layman's terms

This shirt is soft and so is the print. How soft? We wouldn't be surprised if you replaced all the pillowcases in your home with our shirts. And as for the fit, well the idea is that if we can make you look good, ours is the only shirt you'll want to wear. It's slim in the torso, but not too fitted. The sleeves are slim as well. So whether you spend 3 hours a day in the gym or 3 minutes, you're still going to look amazing in this shirt.