Why Panic?

about us

So this is where we stroke our ego and tell you how wonderful we are. And it’s true, we are pretty awesome. However, if you love our apparel you’ll love our story even more. Starting out as content creators, we fell in love with the medium of video. YouTube became an intrinsic part of life. However, on YouTube and across other platforms as well, we’ve seen it become harder and harder for the people who pour blood, sweat and tears into their art to create revenue streams for themselves. We decided to take a swing at the problem and hence Panic Brand was born.

By employing global artists to handle every side of the business, we are able to make diverse and unique products that speak to people like us from all four corners of the earth (insert flat earther joke here). We are all independent collaborators that have come together to create a brand that speaks to you. Our artists illustrate the apparel with content creator genres in mind. And we have an international team of video makers that share our products with their audience for an actual piece of the company. We'd also love to introduce you to our photographer Ella Barnes and our illustrator Matilde Digmann while you're poking around the site.

Mission Statement

Panic Brand showcases international artists from every walk of life via limited edition apparel that captures the spirit of independent creators and gives back to the communities that produced these one of a kind talents.

Every two months we will release five new designs from one brand new artist. It’s ok to Panic, because once these limited edition items are gone from the store, they’re gone forever. Each artist will also offer a unique one-of-a-kind print in our online store as part of our Kindness Initiative. The proceeds of which will help to support a local charity in their home country. When you purchase Panic Brand apparel you are supporting artists from all over the world and the causes they hold close to their hearts. Thank you for shopping with us and if you’d like become part of the family, please click here.