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It is our goal to allow you to express yourself freely and still remain in our program. We have far less restrictions on the type of content that can be used to promote our apparel than YouTube. That doesn’t mean you can do whatever the hell you want though and if you’re found to be in violation, you will be paid out and removed from the program. Your initial signup fee will not be refunded.

  1. You may not join or participate in our program if your content, media or art features the following (this is not limited to only the content you feature our products in):
    • Racism
    • Bigotry
    • Violent calls to action against any one person or any group
    • Stolen or copyright protected content (Fair Use is of course allowed)
    • Exploitation of minors
    • Violence towards another person or animal (exception being if the content is considered news coverage and the footage is within the context of the story and the footage is proceeded by a sensitive images warning)
    • Sexual exploitation
    • Clickbait
    • False claims
  2. You must not break any of YouTube’s rules in regard to posting sponsored content (ie you must always disclose that your content featuring our apparel is sponsored content).
  3. You may not use our likeness, branding, name or products to spam or deceive via your online content, phone calls, SMS, emails or by any other means of communication.
  4. Please follow link for Panic Fam's Terms of Service.
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