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Charitable Partnerships

Our brand is predicated on the idea that without you, we don’t exist. And part of that understanding means that we want to be as generous as possible with the charities that you hold near and dear to your heart.

be kind and share your cake

We Challenge Ourselves To Give Big

Our default contract, as outlined above, specifies that after paying out the artist 80% of net profits from the sale of their commissioned illustration to be sold as a ‘print on demand’ fine art print, Panic Brand LLC will donate 30% of the remaining net profits to a charity of your choice (at our discretion) in your home country. This is our Kindness Initiative. However, if you feel that your charity deserves an even bigger piece of the pie, we’re right there with you. If you would like us to donate a portion of your net profits on your behalf from the sale of the ‘print on demand’ fine art print, we will match that donation percentage up to 80%.


If you’re having a tough time following (math wasn't our favorite subject in school either), please consult the chart below. We look forward to partnering with you and promoting as many worthy international charities in the process.

The following are for example purposes only:
Net Profit 80% Artist Commission 20% Net Profit Artist Donation Total Donation
$20 $16 $4 0% $1.20
$20 $16 $4 30% $6
$20 $16 $4 80% $16
$20 $16 $4 100% $19.20