How much money can I make?
Why 6%?
Is there a limit to how much I can make?
What platforms can I promote on?
Who can participate?

Is this going to be enough coin for your car payment? Of course not. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or some other gimmick. But is there something you have your eye on that is preventing you from leveling up? New lens? Lighting? New material ;) Whatever it is, we’d like to help you get there. You will receive a 6% commission on every purchase someone makes using your personalized promotional code. There is no limit to how many times the code can be used and it never expires. It applies to everything in the online store. Our items are limited edition and we do not run promotional sales, so you will always be receiving a commission on the full resale price of an item.

In addition to straight commission, we will regularly run contests with prizes for both you and your channel. These include apparel, cash, custom channel T-shirts, being featured as a YouTuber of the Month on our site as well as other exciting offers to be announced.

If you only want 5% I’m sure we can arrange that. The reality is that we looked at the numbers and structured the business to share with you as much of the profits as fiscally possible. Sure 5 is a nice round number, but we were able to squeeze a little extra out for you and thought you might appreciate it.

Who are we to put limits on what you can do?

Who are we to put limits on what you can do?

While creators and influencers with very modest followings may not make their first million with Panic Brand, anyone with an online presence is welcome to join us. Aside from your YouTube channel, use your Twitter followers, your Instagram account or your own personal blog to share your personalized promotional code and start earning right away.

How and when do I get paid?
Is there a cost to signing up?
What do I get when I sign up?
Isn’t this just affiliate selling?
Why wouldn’t I just sell my own merch?
What’s in it for the customer?
What are Panic Brand products?
Is this cool with YouTube?
Why does the focus seem to be on YouTubers?
What else should I know?
What if I need more help?

When you sign up to become part of the Panic Fam program you will link your own personal PayPal account to your Panic Fam login in order for us to authorize your payouts. Once your account reaches $30 US you can pay yourself. You can check your balance at any time.

We have a free plan that includes many of the features from the paid plans. Most importantly the commission is the same no matter which plan you go with. The free plan requires your channel to be submitted, reviewed and approved to qualify.

Additionally we have two paid tiers and we invite everyone to join at the level that makes the most sense for them. Our standard Pro Membership is $25 and this includes a FREE logo shirt in your size, your own personal login and dashboard, a custom/personalized promotional code created by you and marketing materials emailed directly to you for every new apparel line. The Gold Membership is $99 and in addition to including everything you get at the Pro level, you will also receive one of our limited edition shirts from our current line (size of your choice dependent on availability) and a 1 hour YouTube channel consultation session with the CEO of Panic Brand.

Once enrolled you will have access to training videos and articles to not only help you to market the apparel effectively, but also to grow your YouTube channel. You will receive marketing materials fully prepped to be included in your content. These may be in the form of PNG, GIF and video files. You will also receive, direct to your inbox, full descriptions of every new item in the shop. You will also be automatically entered into any sales contests and be eligible to have your channel featured on our site. Those that enroll in a Gold Membership will also receive one limited edition shirt from our current line (size of your choice dependent on availability) and a 1 hour YouTube channel consultation session with the CEO of Panic Brand.

How dare you! I guess the reality is that there are enough similarities that we can see why you’d say that, so we won’t hold it against you. But we don’t see it that way. There are a few key differences to what we’re offering and we feel it’s crucial to be transparent about the entire process. We’ve taken every care to reinvent the idea in order to give you and everyone else the highest chance of success. So you won’t be sharing hyperlinks and you won’t be bound by all the rules and restrictions that other companies force you to follow. We pride ourselves on being a brand that both creators will love and subscribers and followers will love to buy.

By all means do! We aren’t here to step on any toes or hinder your creativity. However, there are some advantages in becoming part of the family. We want to make sure that there is no limit to how much you can sell or earn and in order to do this we’ve taken steps to ensure that our customer retention rate is high. It was a painful and patience testing process, but we’ve sourced shirts that are of the highest quality, durable and soft to the touch. But a soft shirt is worthless if the print isn’t soft, so we’ve gone ahead and made sure that’s the case as well.

We are working with unique and unusual international artists to produce designs that are specific to your audience. And to make sure there’s a reason to keep coming back and to keep shopping, we’re releasing all new apparel every two months. Producing a T-shirt is easy but producing an in-demand high quality piece of apparel and getting it all the way to your customer is a little trickier. We’ve done all of that work for you. Also, we’ll be running contests in which the prize is a custom channel T-shirt. So you could end up with your own merch out of the deal anyway.

Currently all personalized promotional codes allow for customers to receive 5% off of anything in the store. This may change to free shipping or a free gift from time to time, but as part of the team you will be notified in advance of any changes to the program. We would also welcome feedback if your customers are asking for specific types of promos.

Another major improvement we’ve made to this business model is the products. From working with international artists that are your creative peers, sourcing the highest quality shirts and making sure as much of the revenue goes back into the pockets of those that need it most, we made it a point to spend as much time as possible creating products that will appeal to your audience by having artists produce designs with YouTubers in mind.

When a subscriber purchases a shirt using your personalized/custom promo code, they are generating revenue for you, helping to employ artists from around the globe and supporting small local charities in developing countries. So the items we produce are created specifically to appeal to your specific audience and are of a quality that will reflect positively on your teaming up with us.

Is anything really cool with YouTube? Can we resist answering a question with a question? That’s what you’re really thinking. Yes, this is all on the up and up and falls within YouTube’s guidelines. However, we would never want for you to risk all the hard work you’ve put in up to this point. So if you are going to join our family and promote our apparel, it is vital that you check the ‘Paid Promotion’ box every time you upload a video in which you promote Panic Brand. Otherwise you risk the wrath of YouTube and nobody wants that.

YouTube content declaration

Because YouTubers are awesome. Duh! We absolutely welcome creators from every corner of the internet to join our family. If it seems like we’re showing preferential treatment to YouTubers, that’s just because we started off as YouTubers ourselves. We’ve seen it become increasingly difficult over the last few years for small creators to earn money through the content they’re creating and we know relying on someone else’s platform to create income has many pitfalls. We created Panic Brand with that difficulty in mind.

Make sure to add this email account to your safe sender list or add it to your email contact book in order to receive the tools and updates you’ll be expecting for each new release. They will be available on the site as well, but you will benefit from having the reminder sent right to your inbox.

Also, Genius Referrals is our back-end software that guarantees you get paid. So if you see that name in an email address or URL, don't panic. They're part of our system that keeps things running smoothly.

You're part of the family. Email us anytime and we’ll sort you right out.