Matilde Digmann



Matilde Digmann ceramics

Matilde Digmann (or just Mat) is an illustrator and ceramicist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was important that Panic Brand partner with an artist that embodies story telling through illustration and Mat is a perfect fit. Mat is responsible for all of the peculiar and unique illustrations you will find spread throughout our website. She understood our vision and is now an integral part of it.

Her work is bold and colourful - silly, quirky and sometimes dark and ironic.

four oh four doggy drool

Mat is a self-taught illustrator who is constantly exploring new ways to express her creativity such as: graphic art, ceramics, mural work, textile design, animated GIFs and graphic novels. Mat specialises in working with brands and helping them to tell their story through illustration. If you’re in Denmark you can often find Mat at her own shop ‘Mat Makes Stuff’ in Nørrebro. You might even see the creating of a one-of-a-kind handcrafted eccentric animal-like creature right before your very eyes!

ceramic succulent cat planter

Matilde's love of cats extends beyond the subject of many of her pieces. So we've partnered with Mat to help raise money for Kattens Vaern, a Danish cat rescue organization. Matilde created Equinox Cat, an original piece of art for Panic Brand, to help raise money for this compassionate charity as part of our Kindness Initiative. 50% of all proceeds generated from the sale of this piece will be donated directly to Kattens Vaern. To see the full array of mediums and subjects Matilde works in, we'd love for you to go follow her on Instagram.

Matilde Digmann four Instagram sample artworks crying lemon gif