be kind and share your cake

We care a lot and we know you do too

As a company, we baked giving straight into our mission statement. We wanted to make sure that before we introduced ourselves to the world, that we had a clear vision of how we could best make a positive impact. For a while now there has been a growing trend towards people launching companies with charitable intentions right out of the gate. In 2019 it becomes more about the 'how' and not the 'what if'. So for us we spent the most amount of time deciding on the actions we could take that would equate to the largest overall impact.

Mission Statement

Panic Brand showcases international artists from every walk of life via limited edition apparel that captures the spirit of independent creators and gives back to the communities that produced these one of a kind talents.

Our communities

Where we felt like we could make the most difference, was within the communities the artists came from. For every artist that partners up with us, we commission a one-of-a-kind piece of art to be featured in our online store. From there, a large portion (up to 80%) of every piece sold will be donated directly to the artist's chosen charity. This allows us to not only make a small difference with every sale, but it also helps to bring awareness to these local charities all around the world. This is our Kindness Initiative.

Our family

The entire premise of the company is built on the idea that we are stronger as a family than as an individual. And although we celebrate the individual, we also know that we lift each other up by coming together. It’s in this way that we support both the international artists that help to create our apparel and the content creators that help us market our clothing and art to their audiences. And while we're on the subject of family, we'd love to introduce you to our photographer and illustrator.

The artists

We start from within the company by seeking out artists that could benefit from wider exposure and we make sure that not only are they compensated financially for their work, but that they have a beneficial and reciprocal connection to the company over the long term.

Our team

With our family of content creators functioning as our marketing team, we realize that for them also, greater exposure equals greater financial gain. In addition to supporting content creators through all of our online outlets, we feature and promote one hard working YouTuber each month on our website. And more importantly, we maintain an open dialogue with our creators in order to serve them best.

Our charities