Kattens Vaern



Kattens "Raaauwr"

Matilde Digmann, Panic Brand's official illustrator, has chosen Kattens Vaern as one of the recipients of our Kindness Initiative. Matilde created Equinox Cat, an original piece of art for Panic Brand, to help raise money for this worthwhile charity. 50% of all proceeds generated from the sale of this piece will be donated directly to Kattens Vaern. If you somehow haven’t managed to put things together from the photos and your Danish is rusty, Kattens Vaern, or the ‘Cat’s Defense’, is a non-profit dedicated to helping the wild cats of Denmark. They help the cats that nobody else is able to help.

Mission Statement

Since 1, March 1933, Kattens Vaern has worked for the Cats in Denmark, with special consideration for stray cats. Kattens Vaern helps through sharing knowledge, enthusiasm and support.

They also provide an online resource for learning more about the health of your cat and advice for taking the best care of your pet. The wild cats found in Denmark all come from domestic cats that at one point lost their human families. Most of these cats are no longer domesticated and therefore cannot be handled without the risk of injury. The cat's guardians therefore use traps to catch these cats so that both humans and animals are best protected.

kitten in a tube

The wild cats are especially vulnerable in the cold months when they become completely dependent on people's goodness for survival. There is simply no food to be found for the estimated 500,000 cats when the ground is frozen over. When you support Kattens Vaern, as much of your donation as possible goes directly to the support of the cats. Every time the volunteers of the Kattens Vaern run out, it's donor’s support that makes it possible. Without the help of the public, Kattens Vaern would not be able to help either the domestic or wild cats. So they are very grateful for the support from all of you!

If you'd like to show further support, please visit the Kattens Vaern website and follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date. Thank you to our Panic Fam for being the key to our success and for helping us to give back!