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Ella Barnes

We are honored to have Ella Barnes on board as our official brand photographer. Ella is a Washington D.C. native based in New York City as a visual artist. With an Anticipated BFA in Photography and Imaging from the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University with a minor in Web Applications and Programming in May 2016, Ella moves between the realms of fine art, commercial photography, graphic design, and artistic consultation in the professional art world.

Visual artist nomad currently based in NYC working in different mediums investigating alternative feminist agendas.

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Ella's range of work is broad, from high-quality studio fashion to analog lifestyle and travel photography. When working in the fine art photography realm, Ella enjoys employing multiple mediums in addition to photography, such as hand or graphic illustration, 3D renderings, and painting. The focus of her recent work is cyanotypes in the mediums of handwoven cotton, silk and watercolor papers. Much of her recent and past works are available to admire on her website.

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What cemented our love for Ella was her passion when it comes to philanthropy, charity and volunteering. We wanted to partner with Ella to raise money for an organization that is close to her heart. We didn't have to look far as Ella works with Elizabeth Street Garden right in NYC, and they could use our help right now. So Ella created Kelly Drop, an original piece of art for Panic Brand, to help raise money through our Kindness Initiative for this beautiful garden that is currently under threat. 30% of all proceeds generated from the sale of this piece will be donated directly to the Elizabeth Street Garden. And we look forward to partnering with Ella to raise even more for some of her other passion projects in the near future.

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For us at Panic Brand, SHE was the first body of work that introduced us to this vibrant and exciting artist. SHE is a series of constructed images that visually translate stories of the contemporary experience of womanhood as told by real women. The emphasis on the stories works in part to engage the viewer in an exercise of empathy as opposed to judgement.

Ella Barnes she - four photographs