So now what?

Let's Get You Started

We're so psyched to have all of you on our team. There was much more we wanted to tell you before you joined up, but we didn't want to flood you with information. But now that you’re part of the fam, we can do away with formalities and really take the time to break down what this program is, how best to utilize it and what it can do for you.

Check back here often for information on how to grow your YouTube channel, how to improve your marketing efforts and what you can do to further monetize your content. Admittedly our focus will be on YouTube & YouTubers, but most of the information here can be applied to creators on any platform. We'll keep this first blog post short and sweet as we're just starting to get to know each other. The goal here is to help you generate some income from the content you're already working hard to create and we want you to be able to get started today.

Your Code to Use How You Want

The long and short is that you are now enrolled in a program that pays you 6% cash every time someone uses your personal promo code. So that should be the focus of this first post. Once you have completed your registration you will be taken to the 'tools' tab. From there you can customize the promo code by changing the default code and hitting save. It's that simple. The code needs to be at least six characters long and can't contain special characters. It was important to us to create a system that was as easy and as simple for you to implement as possible. The idea being that if you could create a code short and memorable enough to shout out in your videos, that would be your work done.

I'm sure if we wanted to, we could find a lengthier way to explain all of this, but what would be the point of that? We will be uploading videos in the near future to demonstrate different ways to use the code in your content. But all it takes is to let your audience know that by going to and entering your code at checkout, they're financially supporting your content, saving themselves 5% and helping artists from around the globe. We know there's a bit more to it than that, so we strongly suggest leaving all of your questions in the comments. See you in the next post!



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